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About Us

     The Badger Motor Officer’s Association exists as a vehicle to promote brotherhood, camaraderie, and most importantly training of motor officers in our area. The work of a motor officer is unique to any other aspect of law enforcement and therefore the training that an officer, deputy, or trooper must complete to become a motor officer is incomparable to that of any other law enforcement training. These combine to create one of the strongest bonds among officers in all of law enforcement.

     The motor officer knows better than anyone that the skills it takes to stay safe on a motor is not easily attained and the skills are extremely perishable. The less frequently you utilize these skills, the more you need to train to keep conditioned. That is why the members of the Badger Motor Officer’s Association took it upon themselves to create this organization.
    To view our current list of members, or to find out how to join, head over to our membership page.

    Check out our Facebook Page for the some of the latest pictures on the training and events we participate in!

If you want to contact us, send us an email at:

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